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What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is recommended when a tooth has become diseased or infected from a tooth cavity or severe damage. It is an important restorative procedure for saving a natural tooth and preventing the more complex problems associated with tooth loss.

Dr. Patel will support saving the natural tooth with a root canal whenever possible and will perform the procedure in the comfort of his Bradenton dentist office.

Root Canal Therapy: What to expect

A root canal treatment is needed when a tooth is significantly damaged or has decay that extends into the pulp chamber. Tooth pain is usually the first sign a patient will experience, though a dentist can spot infection during routine examinations.

For your procedure, Dr. Patel will drill a tiny hole in the back of the tooth to access the root canal- this is where the diseased or infected pulp is located and the source of pain and discomfort. Once removed, the tooth will be cleaned and sealed to prevent future infection and restore oral health. In most cases, patients can be made comfortable with a local anesthetic but Dr. Patel offers sedation dentistry options when necessary or for patients who suffer with dental anxiety.

The procedure will be completed with a dental filling or dental crown to strengthen the tooth and ensure a lasting result.


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