New Year, New Smile

Dental Crowns in Bradenton FL

2021 is just around the corner. If you want to start the year with a restored and revitalized smile, consider giving yourself the gift of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry allows us to address concerns like gaps, chips, stains, and other small blemishes on your dental structures. Learn more about our available cosmetic services below:

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are an excellent solution to patients who are looking to achieve a complete smile makeover. With veneers, we are able to cosmetically replace the entire front-facing portion of your dental structures. You can choose one veneer or a full mouth of veneers depending on your budget and goals. If you suffer from misshapen teeth, this option can even out the appearance of your smile for a more cohesive look.

Invisible Braces

This is the year to invest in the long-term look, feel, and functionality of your smile. Consider invisible braces as a perfect solution for mild to moderate orthodontic concerns. With invisible braces, you can achieve a straighter smile in 2021 that will last you a lifetime. Invisible braces make orthodontic care so much simpler and more discreet than it has ever been before. You can achieve your dream smile without anyone ever noticing.

Teeth Whitening

When the holidays conclude, many patients notice that their smiles aren’t as bright as they once were. This is because many favorite holiday snacks like cranberry sauce, fruit-flavored pies, and tomato-based sauces contain staining agents that attach to your dental structures and dull your smile. To restore a full smile, we offer teeth whitening solutions. Many patients are able to remove years of stains and dental discoloration within one teeth whitening appointment.

Dental Crowns

Nothing affects the look, feel, and functionality of your smile quite like a broken tooth. When a tooth is cracked or chipped too deep to be repaired with simple bonding material, often we recommend dental crowns. Our dental crowns replace the entire exterior of a broken tooth. Patients love dental crowns because they allow them to maintain their broken tooth’s internal structures and roots while also replacing the exterior for a cosmetically restored result that is more functional and safe from future damage.

Schedule a Cosmetic Consultation

As your experienced dentist office in Bradenton, FL, we look forward to providing you with the services you need to achieve your dream smile. Let us help you make your smile the best it can be in the new year. Schedule a cosmetic consultation online today. We hope you have a happy new year!


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