Your Dental Health During COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has affected everyone around the world, including our dental practice. We want to keep you updated on our current response to COVID-19, as well as provide you some tips on maintaining your dental health through the duration of this crisis.

Dr. Nish Patel’s Response to COVID-19

At Manatee Advanced Dentistry, nothing is more important to us than protecting the health and safety of our patients, team members, and community. That’s why we are suspending all non-emergency dental care at our practice at this time. We are in the midst of calling all patients who are scheduled in the near future to shift their appointments to a later date.

If you experience a dental emergency during this crisis, please contact our office. We will do our best to advise you and treat you on an as-needed basis. Please call current patients 941.792.7777 if you experience a dental emergency.

We are grateful for your loyalty and appreciate the privilege of serving you! Our team looks forward to resuming business as usual when it is safe to do so. We wish everyone continued health and safety during this difficult time.

Dental Health Tips

It can be hard to know what to prioritize in times of crisis; however, we want to encourage our patients to continue prioritizing their dental health. Here are some basic ways you can maintain your dental health through this period of high stress.

Limit Comfort Foods

Comfort foods are good for the soul but bad for the teeth. During this time of stress, limit your intake of foods like hard-candies, potato chips, citrus fruits, red berries, and tomato-based sauces. Additionally, limit your intake of beverages like sodas, coffee, and tea. All of these substances are known to leave behind sugary residues or staining agents on your teeth. Moderation is key when it comes to comfort foods and beverages.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Even though our daily routines are all thrown off right now, you must continue to brush and floss your teeth. Brushing and flossing are your first line of defense against dental concerns like gum disease. Make sure that you are brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day. Additionally, if you do indulge in comfort foods, follow them up with brushing and flossing your teeth again to ensure nothing is left behind on your teeth. Practicing good oral hygiene now is a great way to reduce the amount of stress on yourself later because you’ll know your teeth are still in good condition when this is all said and done.

Relax Your Jaw

Many of our patients hold their stress in their jaw and facial muscles. When you are working, make sure to take several breaks to relax your facial muscles and move around your jaw. This will release the tension held there and prevent jaw pain or discomfort. If you begin to experience frequent headaches, earaches, or jaw pain, you may be grinding your teeth at night in response to all of this additional stress. Make sure to mention this at your next dental appointment for further evaluation.

Once the COVID-19 passes, please schedule an appointment with us for a dental check-up. We look forward to seeing all of our patients again soon


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