Gum Health

Routine dental care and disease prevention, bradenton, fl Poor gum health has been linked to an increased risk of tooth loss in patients. Poor gum health can also affect your overall health. It is important to take preventive measures to improve your gum health and avoid complex dental issues in the future. At Manatee Advanced Dentistry, Bradenton, FL dentist Dr. Nish Patel offers advanced, comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages. Dr. Patel and his dental care team encourage their patients to take preventive dental care seriously. Part of preventive dental care is taking steps to improve your gum health. In this post, we will highlight some of the key ways to improve your gum health.

Gum Disease

Your gums are made up of soft tissue that supports your teeth. When your gums are damaged, it can lead to shifting teeth and may even lead to tooth loss if your gums are not properly treated. Gum disease occurs when plaque buildup reaches the gum line which causes irritation to the gums (gingivitis). If gingivitis is not treated, it may lead to periodontitis which occurs when the bone and tissue surrounding the teeth are compromised.

Research has shown that patients with gum disease may be at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular, diabetes, and respiratory issues. The best way to avoid gum disease is to take preventive measures to improve your oral health.

Improving Your Gum Health

Improving your gum health will require consistency, patience, and determination. Developing an excellent oral hygiene routine and sticking to it can help you make improvements to your oral health. Try to incorporate these key tips to maintain healthy gums and improve your oral health.

  • Brush your teeth twice day and floss daily.
  • Schedule regular dental cleanings.
  • Visit the dentist twice a year for a routine dental checkup.
  • Quit smoking and tobacco use.
  • Eat a healthy diet.

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Bradenton, FL dentist Dr. Patel offers periodontal therapy services for patients who are diagnosed with gum disease. He can work with you to provide you with the dental care you need to improve your smile. If you have noticed any signs of gum disease like bleeding gums, swollen gums, irritated gums, or halitosis, you should contact our Bradenton dental office.


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