Benefits of Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces Bradenton FL Are you search for an effective way to straighten crooked teeth?

At Manatee Advanced Dentistry in Bradenton, FL, Dr. Nish Patel offers two types of invisible braces to help patients improve the quality of their smile. Depending on your needs, Dr. Patel may suggest Invisalign or Smart Moves to help realign your smile. Invisalign and Smart Moves can be an ideal treatment for both adults and patients with mild to moderate orthodontic issues. If you are searching for a solution to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth, you can contact our Bradenton, FL dental office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Patel.

Why Treat A Misaligned Smile

Treating a misaligned or crooked smile can drastically improve your oral health. Crooked or misaligned teeth are more prone to developing tooth decay, cavities, or gum disease. Finding the right solution to gradually realign your smile is not only great for your confidence, but for your oral health too.

Benefits of Invisible Braces

Invisible braces can help address a wide range of orthodontic issues. Invisible braces can be used to address dental issues like:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Crooked teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Crooked teeth

Unlike traditional braces, invisible braces are clear, removable, and offer a discreet solution to straighten teeth. Patients can remove their invisible braces to brush and floss their teeth. With metal braces, patients may find it difficult to clean under their brackets; but with invisible braces, patients can remove them to clean all parts of their teeth without issue. Patients can also enjoy the comfort of not having any food restriction due to their braces. Invisible braces are removable, so patients can eat and drink comfortably.

If you would like to determine if invisible braces are right for you, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Patel in Bradenton, FL. Dr. Patel can with work with you to create a treatment plan that is right for your smile. Contact Manatee Advanced Dentistry In Bradenton, FL for the dental care you need!


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