Replacing Your Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can limit the kinds of foods you can eat and even affect your confidence. Finding the right tooth replacement solution for your smile can help restore your confidence and r function back to your smile. At Manatee Advanced Dentistry in Bradenton, FL, restorative dentist Dr. Nish Patel offers a range of tooth replacement options to help restore your smile. Finding the appropriate tooth replacement solution is not only great for your confidence, but it can help minimize your chance of developing a more complex dental problem. The longer you wait to replace your missing teeth, the higher the chance you may develop jawbone deterioration. Jawbone deterioration limits the number of tooth replacement options that are available for your smile. Don’t wait until its too late to get the dental care you need.

Missing Teeth Replacement

During your visit to our Bradenton, FL dental office, Dr. Patel will perform a comprehensive exam. The purpose of a comprehensive is to check the mouth, teeth, and gums for any signs of dysfunction. Dr.Patel will address any dental problems before providing a tooth replacement solution. Ensuring that your smile is healthy and functional allows for patients to receive a wider range of tooth replacement options. After the comprehensive exam and a thorough analysis of your oral health, Dr. Patel may offer a dental implant, denture, or dental bridge as your tooth replacement option.

  • Dental Implant– Used to replace one or more missing teeth
  • Dental Bridge– Used to replace one or more consecutive missing teeth
  • Dentures– Used to replace the top, bottom, or both arches of teeth

Depending on your overall oral health, dental bridges and dentures may be able to be secured with the use of dental implants. Dr. Patel will work with you to determine which tooth replacement option is right for your smile.

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Finding the right tooth replacement option for your smile is a detailed, delicate process. It is important to find a highly skilled and trusted dentist to guide you through the tooth replacement process. Dr. Patel takes great pride in working closely with each of his patients to provide them with the dental care they need. If you would like to explore your tooth replacement options, contact Manatee Advanced Dentistry in Bradenton, FL.


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